Huntavore Deers Scoring System

Huntavore Deer Scoring System

What did your deer really score?

The purpose of the Huntavore Scoring System is to focus on the hunt rather than just the antlers.

Was the deer recovered? Yes No

Was the deer recovered on public land? Yes No

If it was a buck, how many points did it have? To count, the point has to hold a ring.

How many stickers or drop tines did the buck have? Get some bonus points for character!

How many organs did you recover for consumption?

How much did your deer weigh field dressed?

How many pounds of butchered meat did you end up with after butchering?

Did you bring kids or a non-hunter on the recovery with you? Yes No

How far was the drag out in miles? Only count non-motorized recovery distance and be accurate down to the quarter mile.

Total Score: 0

Created By: PLW